Since 1992, BLUEMOON has been located in Daegu PalgongsanMountain as one of the famous restaurant, specialized in premium a full course meal and steak.
With High quality cuisine and beautiful view of PalgongsanMountain, various places in 3rd floor are the perfect space for any type of meeting.
Wide space of parking lot has enough space for large groups without any parking problem.

SPACE : Collaboration between nature and classic

You can have a special experience of having impressive cuisine in BLUEMOON, with beautiful view of Palgongsan Mountain.
Special day, Special meeting, and also perfect place for casual meeting time after driving in PalgongsanMountain beyond your busy life.

Cuisine: Tradition + Fusion

Since 1992, BLUEMOON has been dedicated to provide the best service to our various ranges of customers, considering current fast changing trend of customer's taste, based on keeping tradition.